YoungStar matting solution for Teys Australia Condamine Feedlot

Teys Australia Condamine Feedlot is a 30,000-head SCU Feedlot based in the Western Downs in Queensland. The facility has been feeding cattle since 1989, striving for the highest standards for animal welfare and providing the best care they can for the cattle at the feedlot.

General Manager, Phil Lambert, has been working with the NumatAGRI team since late 2019.

Having used rubber matting at Teys Condamine for many years, Phil and his team were familiar with the benefits of using matting in their high-traffic concrete areas.  The rubber solutions had helped reduce and prevent slips and falls when working cattle through the yards, but due to the high flow and large volume of cattle that were moving through daily, the previous rubber products did not keep up with the demand, wearing down quickly.

Because of the uniquely engineered features of the Youngstar mats, Teys Condamine began trialling the thicker, purpose-built rubber in their yards, and figuring out if and how they could adapt the rubber into their daily operation.

“We started off with a few small sections of matting throughout our yards. With the results that we saw very quickly, we purchased additional matting, with now our induction shed and hospital yards being fully matted.”

Rubber matting has been the best solution to reduce slips and falls in the high-traffic, concrete areas at Teys Condamine. The mats are also protecting the soles of the cattle which Phil explains has been helping reduce bacteria and prevent infection through the feeding period. A reduction in noise and calmer animals have also been a result of installing the Youngstar mats.

The team at Teys Condamine Feedlot are now looking toward the future and identifying more ways they can utilise the benefits of NumatAGRI Youngstar rubber mats.

“We are now looking at options around installation [of Youngstar mats] in our dispatch area. Also [in] our concrete areas through our cattle arrival, [for] when cattle are leaving trucks, to provide solutions there.”