Improved Safety and Comfort: Rubber Matting Installation at Rangers Valley Feedlot

Rangers Valley Feedlot is a cattle processing facility located in Glen Innes, northern New South Wales. They process up to 1250 to 2000 head of cattle per week, depending on demand. The facility experienced numerous slip and fall injuries due to inadequate rubber matting in their processing shed.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the Youngstar Rubber Matting from NumatAGRI in reducing slip and fall injuries and improving overall safety and comfort at Rangers Valley Feedlot.


Rangers Valley Feedlot initially decided to trial the Youngstar Rubber Matting in high pressure areas and on corners to test its performance over a few months. The trial was deemed successful, leading to a complete replacement of the old rubber matting with the new Youngstar product.

“The design of the Youngstar rubber matting from NumatAGRI is a significant improvement on any rubber we’ve had in the past.”


  • Significant improvement in design and durability: The Youngstar Rubber Matting was a notable upgrade from the previous rubber matting. The old rubber could not withstand the heavy traffic, leading to peeling, wear, and installation issues. The new rubber mats, on the other hand, have proved durable and reliable.
  • Enhanced cleanliness and ease of maintenance: The Youngstar Rubber Matting has made cleaning and hosing down the processing shed easier, contributing to better hygiene and upkeep.
  • Increased comfort for cattle: The new rubber mats provide a more comfortable surface for the cattle to walk and run on, which potentially leads to reduced stress and improved overall welfare.
  • Improved staff safety: The upgraded rubber matting has led to a significant reduction in slip and fall injuries for both cattle and staff, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.

“We noticed with the amount of slip and fall injuries that we were having, it was actually costing us money and time with steers that had been injured in the processing shed. Over the course of time, with the lifespan of the YoungStar rubber, it will easily pay for itself.”

Future Plans:

Given the success of the Youngstar Rubber Matting in the processing shed, Rangers Valley Feedlot plans to expand its usage to their hospital facilities and dispatch yard. This decision is based on the improved safety, comfort, and cleanliness benefits observed during the initial installation.


The installation of the Youngstar Rubber Matting from NumatAGRI at Rangers Valley Feedlot has led to considerable improvements in safety, comfort, and cleanliness. By reducing slip and fall injuries, enhancing the wellbeing of the cattle, and simplifying maintenance, the investment in the new rubber matting is expected to pay for itself over its lifespan. Rangers Valley Feedlot is highly satisfied with the results and plans to expand the use of the product to other areas of their facility.

“We’re looking into installing the Youngstar rubber matting into our hospital facilities as well as our despatch yard as well because overall it’s made such a great improvement to our processing shed, and we’re just really happy with it.”