Creating a Comfortable Work Surface at Wandellow

Wandellow is a 5th generation dairy farm located in the Wandella Valley, 15 km northwest of Cobargo, and has been operating in the areas since 1829. The farm sits on 350 hectares (735 acres) and milks 320 jersey cows.

Owner, June Tarlinton, contacted Numat about rubber matting after needing to update the matting in her milking shed that had worn out. June previously had matting installed in the milking shed pit, with the intention of creating a softer surface for the workers to stand and work on throughout the day. Having good rubber matting for staff members to stand on was a priority for June. She describes her experience with rubber matting as creating “a much safer, comfortable place to work. Wonderful support for aching tired legs, feet and hips.”

“Wonderful support for aching tired legs, feet and hips.”

After taking to Google, she came across Numat’s product range for pit mats and placed her order. June explains, “When the matting arrived and I opened it I knew it was the right one, the perfect one. We all [staff team of 6] like the soft spongy comfortable feel of the matting.” June has eliminated the harsh surface they were previous dealing with, which had become a major problem for her and the workers in the shed. Updating the mats has created a much calmer environment in her shed.