CQLX Saleyards


Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX) is located 8 kms west of Rockhampton. Formally known as the “Gracemere Saleyards,” it ranks as one of the major livestock selling centres in Australia and is regarded as one of the best stud selling facilities in the country.

Slipping problem

In 2020, CQLX were experiencing a problem with cattle slipping in their dip dry yards. CQLX Site Manager, Rick Kernke, explains, “the dip dry yards are where cattle stay after going through the dip so it is a constantly wet surface that can be very slippery.”

The 80-year-old saleyards had tried various solutions to address the slipping problem, but nothing they’d tried had resolved the issue. Rick thought some products had made the surface even more slippery.

Rick had seen YoungStar mat when he worked at another saleyards and thought it could provide the anti-slip surface they needed. “I’d seen YoungStar mat at IRLX in Inverell in a high traffic area and I though it worked very well and was easy to hose out,” he said.

In early 2021, YoungStar mat was installed in the dip dry yards. Since then, Rick and the team at CQLX have seen a vast improvement with the yard surface. “Since we put YoungStar in we have had no cattle slipping which is amazing,” says Rick.

In addition to providing grip in the yards, Rick says the mat has been easy to clean and looks like it will last a long time. “The modular blocks are very robust, and I think this will make it hard wearing and last a lot longer than other products,” says Rick.

Because of the success he has had with the mats, Rick is considering installing YoungStar in the saleyard’s drafting area. “It is a durable product that is easy to maintain and provides a secure surface for the cattle to walk on. It is providing a safe environment for the cattle which is our main objective.”