A Solution to Slipping for Platinum Pastoral


Platinum Pastoral is a family-run operation 70km southeast of Meekatharra in WA. Owner Darren Cousens, along with his wife have managed a herd of Santa Gertrudis cattle off the property since 2018.


In the last few seasons, Darren had noticed an increased number of cattle slipping when leaving the crush, so he began looking for solutions that could make an impact on the animal welfare of his stock.

“I was impressed with the quality and thickness of the sample and went ahead and ordered.”

For Darren, the most important requirement was that the mats provided an anti-slip surface for his stock. After installing YoungStar in their crush, he noticed that his cattle left the crush much calmer and easier than before. Darren knew he had made the right decision after seeing YoungStar last muster and eliminating many of the injuries he previously would have had to deal with. Impressed with the mats Darren says that the mats have “paid me back in just one muster”.

He hopes to install more YoungStar matting on the raceways in their other cattle yards in the near future.